Top 5 Questions

E-currency is money that is exchanged on computers. "E" is the first letter of the word "electronic" and "currency" is a money system. You can think of e-currency as Internet money. Buying and selling products and services on the Internet is possible because of e-currency.

Firstly, you need to create an account with to use this website for the purpose of buying and selling e-currency. You can do this by navigating to the Register page section of the website.

Yes, you can start using your account to fund and withdraw immediately. However, there is a funding limit of $300 per day for UN-VERIFIED accounts. No limitation on withdrawals though. To get your account verified, you need to upload your ID showing your full name and a utility bill showing your address, by doing so you can make transaction without limitations.

To get your account verified, you need to upload any government issued ID showing your full name and date of birth (this can be International Passport, Driver License, National ID card or Permanent Voters card) and a Utility bill showing your address (e.g. Water bill, Electricity Bill, Waste Bill, Bank statement etc). Please note that no other form of document will be accepted apart from the listed.

After uploading your valid ID and an acceptable utility bill, verification usually takes 24 - 48hrs (Monday - Saturday). If you receive no response after 48hrs, please Contact our support team through any of the channels listed at the Contact Us page.

Check that you have not received a response from us about the reason for this, by checking your email inbox. You may need to check your spam folder too. If no response has been received, you will need to write us on for assistance.

No. Withdrawing your e-currency or selling it to us does not require any verification. We assume AML policy still holds since you will be accepting cash into your own very bank account. However, your banking details must match the name on your profile (name supplied during the registration). So, you can register and sell your e-currency to us immediately after registration.

Minimum amount you can sell or buy through us for any e-currency is $20 but no maximum.

We try our best to serve our pretigous and numerous customers as prompt as possible. In our office, we do instant funding most time. Through bank, we do same day funding but it might extend to within 24hrs in few occasions. Customers should be aware that sometimes it takes bank hours to get funds settled into our bank accounts for some reasons or there may be transactions in queue at our desk which need to be attended before yours. If I want to convert my e-currency to cash, how do I do that and how long will it take for me to get paid in Naira?We'll buy it from you and pay you in cash or into your bank account. You can come to our office or place a SELL order on our website and instructions will be sent to your e-mail when approved. Please do not send to our account before approval except otherwise instructed so. We pay either same day or within 72 business hours.

Yes, we can accept cash less than N100,000.00 in our office and have your account funded while you wait.Anything bigger should be deposited into any of our bank accounts.

We can offer you a refund but that must be in accordance with our refund policy. See Terms and conditions Page for the policy.

Contact us with your question through our contact page.